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number, but gawking busloads of tourists have dwindled. and that mountain of evidence that was supposed to guarantee a slam dunk case? most of it's still around. buried deep in the lapd's archives. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining u [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> leading the way, on-air, online and on the go, news 5 at 11:00 starts now. andrew: right now at 11:00. family desperate to reconnect with a mom and her son. >> he can' t speak for himself. we have to be the voice for the children, the innocent children. andrew: why they think her baby may be in danger. >> now that i look back, i' m like, i need to be here. andrew: working together to stop suicides. the summit today hoping to save lives. and remembering nancy reagan. how presidents and presidential hopefuls honored the former
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andrew: good evening im andrew setters, courtis fuller has the night off. nancy reagan is being remembered today for her strength, her intelligence and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. nbc' s dan scheneman has reaction to mrs. reagan' s death tonight. dan: across the country, nancy reagan was honored and remembered. president and mrs. obama said they are fortunate to benefit from her proud example and said the former first lady redefined the role in her time here. biographer lou cannon said as first lady, she protected president reagan. >> she wanted to make sure that people who were around her husband were advancing his agenda and not their own and she was outspoken about it privately , very much so publicly too and in that way i think she played a , very important role in the reagan administration. dan at the democratic : presidential debate in flint, michigan. a moment of silence. on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopeful john kasich, who served in
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years, paid tribute to mrs. reagan. >> she was an incredible lady. she was very strong and a class act. dan: florida senator marco rubio fondly recalled meeting the former first lady. >> i had been invited to speak at the reagan library which was an incredible honor for me because i grew up and i am a child of the reagan revolution. dan in southern california. : mourners brought flowers to the reagan library. >> it' s like the end of an era , it' s sad, it' s bittersweet. dan mrs. reagan will be buried : at the library. next to her husband. dan scheneman nbc news. andrew: former president jimmy carter also paid tribute, calling nancy reagan a woman of strength and wit. the democratic presidential candidates squared off tonight in flint, michigan. the debate comes just two days before the michigan primary, where 130 democratic delegates are up for grabs. wlwt news 5' s sally kidd is in our washington bureau tonight.
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: hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by double digits in michigan, so this was a chance for sanders to try to slow her momentum. >> you know. >> excuse me i' m talking. sally heated exchanges in a : debate that could help sway voters ahead of the michigan primary. >> if you' re going to talk tell the whole story sen. sanders. >> let me tell my story you tell yours. sally hillary clinton and bernie : sanders clashing over the 2009 auto bailout. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> i will be damned if it was the working people of this country that will have to bail at the crux of wall street. sally economic questions : dominated much of the debate. >> we' re going to stop this kind of job exporting and we' re going to start importing and growing jobs again. sally sanders took aim at : clinton on trade. >> secretary clinton supported virtually everyone of these disastrous trade agreements
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sally the candidates also : clashed over liability for gun manufacturers. what you' re really talking about >>what you' re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in america. >> no other industry in america has absolute immunity. sally the flint water crisis : also took center stage. >> it is raining lead in flint. and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money required. >> children should not be poisoned. federal governments comes in, , the federal government acts. sally both called on michigan' s : republican governor to resign and both agreed on the need to rebuild crumbling infrastructure in flint and around the nation. in washington, sally kidd. andrew: -- >> when he went to washington he kicked some serious butt, he was an action hero when he went to washington. andrew: an endorsement today for
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former california governor , arnold schwarzenegger. the actor was on the campaign trail with kasich today for a kasich' s first rally here in ohio this year. kasich looking for a big win in his home state during the march primary, this after another victory for donald trump and his supporters during yesterday' s so called super saturday. ted cruz came in second place, followed by marco rubio, and ohio governor john kasich. wlwt is leading the way with all your political news coverage and results, get the latest up to date information from the campaign trail on and wlwt mobile app. developing tonight. a warren county family pleading for the safe return of an infant they believe may be in the company of a man convicted of assaulting the child. but police say there isn' t much they can do. the two do not fit the criteria to be classified as missing. because of that, we are not showing the photos of the boy. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles
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>> i am sick. just totally sick, not knowing where grant is. and, just in fear of his life. richard: his baby seat is empty, his toys are signed as his family frantically pleads for his return. this family says that his mother took off with the child on wednesday and has not been seen since. the power last with josh kraft, a man convicted of abusing the child in order to stay away under a warren county no contact order. the family say that he is in violation of the order, and the 20-month-old baby is in danger. >> my worst nightmares that he dies. that this young man has problems, apparently. richard court records show craft : was sentenced to 30 days in jail days for abusing grant, the court suspended craft' s sentence and issued a no contact order, but the order alone isn' t enough for police to intervene. >> i feel very helpless. i can' t imagine what he is going through right now. richard as the hours go by, a
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simple plea. >> we all love him. we want to protect him, bring him home to us. richard in south lebanon, : richard chiles wlwt news 5. andrew: the family says they will appeal for a warren county judge to enforce the court order. police are searching for two suspects in a shooting in west price hill. they found the victim this afternoon on trenton avenue. police say the man was shot multiple times in the torso inside a home. they found him in a parking lot on trenton. he was in stable condition center. they haven' name but say he' s in his 30' s. police say neighbors have complained about the home before. >> we did get some neighbors, were stating that they' ve called, referencing some suspicious activity, drug activity at the residence. andrew: witnesses say two men ran from the home after the gunfire. the spca also removed a dog from the home for its safety during the investigation. if you know anything that can help police call crimestoppers
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the dayton church, where a pastor was shot and killed a week ago, resumed services today. the congregation gathered at saint peter' s missionary baptist church for its normal 11:00 a.m. worship service, 70-year-old reverend william schooler was shot last sunday as services were winding down. the pastor' s brother daniel schooler has pleaded not guilty in the killing. police say the pastor' s wife, witnessed the shooting. tackling a tough topic. parents and teenagers saying suicide is not the answer. the community came together to give teens a sense of hope for those who have felt hopeless. wlwt new 5' s tammy mutasa is live with more on the group' s message. as well as one teen' s personal story. tammy: he remembers it like was yesterday. the day 15-year-old john cook tried to kill himself at school. tonight, he said that there is hope for other teenagers just like him. >> i' ll never forget the moment of feeling down and depressed and feeling like i was alone.
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>> are people really this mean, do i belong here. tammy john cook was just : thirteen when he decided to end it all. he was in 8th grade. >> i went to one of my classes and i was like, i don' t want to do it anymore, so i went to the bathroom and i was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and i had taken all of the , pills. tammy: he' s not alone dozens of teenagers-filled the allen temple church searching for help. >> people are crying out for help. when i seen the response today this is telling me that people are crying out for help. tammy since the beginning of the : year the hamilton county , coroner says at least two teens have committed suicide. organizers say many more have tried to kill themselves. john' s mom never wants another family to experience it. >> when i pulled in the driveway and saw the ambulance and siren and 3 police cars, i knew they were there for my child and i didn' t' know what state he was in, i was scared i didn' t want to be a mother who lost a child.
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: media suicide game has been encouraging teens to end their lives. but they' re saying, life is not a game. >> the first time i saw the game i turned my phone off, i threw my phone across the room, i said why would they make a suicide challenge, that' s not fun. tammy john feels like he needs : to be here to help other , teenagers walking on the dark path he was on. >> speak up, and let us know what is going on just don' t sit , back and be in the corner and be sad and just be lonely. tammy johns mom encourages : parents to let their kids join positive youth organizations. and she says parents need to keep tabs on their children' s social media pages. reporting live, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. andrew: an important message. if you or someone you now needs help, call the number on your screen. 513-281-care. that' s the crisis hotline at the talbert house. a little boy' s love for his grandmother catches the eye of a stranger. how he was rewarded by a simple
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>> it was surreal. i looked down and saw a fire engine in my front garden. andrew: a joyride in the u.k. ends with a lot of damage. the scene police responded to this weekend. erik: today, with the help of a little sunshine, we made it all the way up to 52 degrees in weather is down in the south and it is all heading this way. when it arrives in how warm re watching cincinnati'
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, wlwt news (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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andrew: making a difference in our community tonight. a little boy' s kindness touches a stranger' s heart. the person rewarded the mayfield elementary student for his love. and now his family wants to thank that stranger. >> since grandpa has died, has stepped up. he' s the man of the house. andrew: josh pelfrey is a fifth grader at mayfield. this week someone wrote to his school saying she saw josh being sweet to his grandmother at a store. >> i thought i was in trouble and stuff, and she told me she was happy for me, and i was like, ' why?' and she' s like, ' look over and look in that box.' andrew: josh' s grandma told the woman he' d been struggling with his grandpa' s death on thanksgiving day. >> just about every night, one of the kids will come and write
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andrew: writing as an appreciative citizen, the stranger says she saw josh admiring a pair of shoes. so she dropped off two pairs at his school along with a $50 gift card to take his grandma and siblings out to dinner. >> i was just excited because i didn' t really remember looking at them. but i liked them the minute i saw them. >> they were just a total angel. they have made my life easier, just with the kindness they' ve shown. so thank you. andrew: josh' s grandma says she still doesn' t know whom her grandson inspired so much but she hopes appreciative citizen comes forward so she can thank her personally. beer fans did a little fowling around at bockfest today. for the record, that' s a cross between football and bowling. play-cincy brought the first bock-lympics to the festival for the kids and kids at heart. you can also try your hand at stein-holding cornhole giant jenga and several others.
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tonight at the festival tent. the state of ohio is now offering money to improve police community relations. the office of criminal justice services is accepting applications for grants. city and state police and government as well as faith groups and non-profits can apply for up to $30,000, police departments must be working for certification. groups can apply up until 5:00 p.m. on oscar-winning actor tom hanks march 31. will visit ohio next month. hanks will help dedicate wright state' s newly renovated motion pictures center. he' ll appear at several private events before the dedication and gala april 19. the gala will raise money for the tom hanks scholarship and visiting artist program. hanks performed at wright state back in the ' 70' s. tv stars kept the celebrity boost up, at chicago' s polar plunge. lady gaga and her finance, taylor kinney from "chicago fire." joined al roker and other people jumping into lake michigan. the annual event supports the special olympics. this year'
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balmy 40-degrees outside. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: not a bad day, we saw some sunshine after those early morning clouds. you' re walking around, you can even pick out a couple of flowers now. it is getting warm enough for by the end of this week, we' ll probably see a lot more of these flowers climbing on through the soil. temperatures right now, generally in the upper 30' s and lower 40' s. we have been going with cloud cover for the last few hours. generally high, thin clouds, and the thinner the clouds are, the more temperatures are going to drop off tonight. overall, 44 degrees is the current temperature, wind out of the south and nine miles lower. southerly breezes, they will help to warm things up as he had on through monday and tuesday. temperature wise, looking up 43 degrees in level and. 44, wilmington. a little polar in clinton county. 37 in hillsboro.
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not a bad night. temperatures are tonight than they were this morning. again, all because of this big high pressure off the coast. it will keep southerly winds, and also bring in some moisture. you can already see a few rain showers starting to break out around st. louis. we may see a few of those spotty showers here by tomorrow afternoon. the bigger story is going to be with the southerly winds, all week long, helping the temperatures to climb into the 60' s tomorrow and the 70' s as we head into tuesday. and wednesday. starting off to my morning, most temperatures right around 40 degrees. some of the outlying spots, couple of degrees cooler than that here to also start out with some sunshine. during the afternoon, a humor clouds building and. perhaps, a stray rain shower. generally, to the north of cincinnati, but we could throw the chance instantly because there will be a very weak disturbance rolling on through. for most of us, it will be one of those partly sunny kind of days where you see some sunshine with a whole lot of clouds blowing on by.
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the big trend is with the jet stream. it moves to the north, that allows the mild air in, and it' s days like this pretty much all week long. in fact, next weekend, i think we are going to push the cold air little farther up into canada and that is going to give us a milder temperatures and across the tri-state. futurecast looking like this, tonight, we will see a few time. tomorrow morning, i did and we will see a few peaks of sunshine in between those clouds. sunshine and then during the afternoon, some were clouds. not the nicest day, but it was like spring. with a few showers around, it will look like spring, too. i' m just a, you' ll see a little more sunshine. tuesday is going to be the nicest day of the week, and also one of the warmest. you can also see some rain trying to break out across illinois and indiana. eventually, we see some of those heavier rain showers, but it is not think it will happen until perhaps wednesday evening into thursday. that is when things really start to get cloudy and a touch on the soggy side.
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degrees, mostly clear. not quite as cold as it has been great tomorrow afternoon, we will make it to a high of 64. filtered sunshine, and a chance for a northern sprinkle. your forecast for the next seven days, 71, tuesday. 72, wednesday. we bring in a chance for some showers, maybe a thunderstorm as we head into the end of the week with overall a very mild week, and a very springlike week. andrew: thank you, eric. happening tomorrow. european leaders will discuss the migration crisis. meanwhile nato says it will launch warships in greek and turkish waters to cut off ships smuggling migrants. tens of thousands of migrants have passed through there. small groups of migrants were able to leave greece today. thousands of people have been stranded at the macedonian border hoping to make their way north. macedonia lets very few refugees into the country. and greek police say macedonia imposed more restrictions today. so only refugees from war-torn cities can cross the border. at least 18 people have died after a boat carrying migrants sank off the turkish coast today.
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hospital. they continued to look for additional victims this afternoon. investigators say the boat was headed for greece. most migrants came through turkey, because of its shared borders with syria iran and , iraq. tuesday marks two years since malaysia flight 370 disappeared with 239 on board. that' s also the deadline for families to sue the airline. 12 passengers' families have already filed suit. meanwhile the man who found a piece of a wing from the plane has now found a second unidentified object in the same area. loved ones created a memorial to victims in kuala lumpur malaysia. but they say they still want answers. >> we think that giving up now would be premature. so unprecedented, so bizarre. they have to be willing to take unprecedented steps, so they may not naturally normally look for a plane for this long, but this is an unprecedented event. and they need to take uncommon steps, unprecedented steps to recover the plane. andrew: relatives created the search on petition to reinvestigate the crash. the memorial included a place to
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well as a balloon for each person on board flight 370. the man credited for inventing e-mail as we know it has died. ray tomlinson' s employer says he died away at the age of 74. he devised direct e-mail messages in 1971 while he worked for a technology firm in boston. that was a new idea back then, since not many people had access to computers. his invention didn' t take off until the explosion of pc' s and online services in the late 80' s and early 90' s. tomlinson is also said to have created the at symbol in emails. he was inducted into the and hall of fame in you don' t 2012. have to be a spy to work at the cia. the central intelligence agency currently has a job opening for a librarian. pay ranges between $50,000 and $118,000 a year. and then there are of course the benefits. librarians have opportunities to serve as embedded, or forward deployed, information experts. which could mean some james bond-like opportunities, if you want them. you must have a master'
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some prior library experience and the ability to pass an intensive background check, including a psychological exam and a lie detector test. thieves left a path of destruction when they rammed a stolen fire truck into cars and then a house. firefighters say it was lucky no one was on the street in northern ireland at the time. investigators say the truck' s lights were flashing when it crashed down the street about 5:00 a.m, the incident seriously damaged the firetruck and one homeowner store and entryway. it also left overturned cars and debris all over. >> it was like a continuous then a final huge bang at the end. i jumped out of bed immediately, looked out of the window, looked down and it was surreal. i looked down and saw a fire engine in my front garden. andrew: police are reporting 66 and 19-years-old, in the theft.
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powerball and both won. but only one hit it big. take a look. judge james stocklas, there on the right, was vacationing in the florida keys when he bought a ticket. turns out his brother bob had bought a ticket too. but bob only won 7 bucks. when the judge realized he had won, he told his family they were going back to the florida. hopefully he took his brother bob with him. the disney movie "zootopia" ended "deadpool' s" three-week reign over the weekend box office. the kid friendly flick brought in more than 73 million dollars. in second place, the die hard sequel of "london has fallen" earned over 21 million dollars. marvel' s deadpool slipped to third place in its 4th weekend in theaters bringing in just the nfl' s miami dolphins took their search for cheerleaders to argentina as part of a latin american talent hunt. turned out for the auditions today sunday. the dolphins were looking for talent with regional flair to join their ranks. both american football and
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popularity in argentina. >> we are a very latin-based community, why don' t we go to latin america and find these beautiful women with talent and personality and rhythm? andrew: auditions were also held in rio de janeiro earlier this week. next week the dolphins organization will held to colombia before ending tryouts in mexico. big news in the sports world. word that peyton manning will officially announce his retirement from the nfl monday in denver. the 5 time mvp and two time super bowl winner holds the record for more touchdown passes, most passing yards as well as the most touchdowns thrown in a single season. quite the retirement there. >> manning, obviously to super bowls now for him. joining his brother eli manning. andrew: and for two separate teams. amazing.
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sports including you see taken on smu. they come up with a big win over a top opponent, that is next on
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- u.s. bank -- the
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derek: the cincinnati bearcats were in action sunday in what you could call their biggest game of the year to day, not just because you had a top 25 team in smu in town, but because a trip to the ncaa tournament was still on the line. it was senior day for the bearcats on sunday afternoon. first half, octavius ellis was doing work on the glass sunday, off the miss, he is there for the putback dunk, bearcats with a three-point lead. second half, cincy extends their lead, gary clark with the nice find for troy caupain in the paint, bearcats up 10. under four minutes to go, lead cut down to 5, kevin johnson pulls up for the jumper, gives the bearcats a 7 point advantage. but smu would cut in to the lead, nick moore finds shake milton for the layup, smu down 55-52. but cincy would hit their free throws down the stretch. as they pick up a much needed win over #24 smu, grabbing the 61-54 win.
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taking on #14 maryland. first half, hoosiers down two when max bielfeldt hits the 3 from the wing, indiana takes a one point lead later in the half, yogi ferrell drive the lane for the easy layup, giving indiana a 10 point lead. as indiana rolls in this one beating maryland 80-62. the 9th region boys semifinals were over on the campus of north kentucky sunday afternoon, with 3 of the top 4 teams in the region making it to the semifinals. in the first game, you had covington catholic taking on connor. there quarter cj fredrick knocks , down the deep jumper, cov cath with a 6 point lead. the colonel' s advance to the monday night final with a 64-55 win. in the second game, newport central catholic clashed with holy cross. new cath on the break, erik
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strong to the basket for the layup, gives the thoroughbreds a one point lead. but new cath would pull away and grab the win, they will take on covington catholic in the 9th region finals monday night as they picked up the 62-37 win over holy cross. the 9th region girls final between holmes and ryle was sunday night at bb&t arena. holmes doing work early on, tyrah englemon grabs the loose ball and gets it to jynea harris for the jumper. back the other way good ball , movement, maddie scherr with the no look pass to jenna carothers for the score. but in the end it was holmes who will be headed to state this week kamari graham with the 3. , they win it 45-42 and will meet up with russell out of the 16 region wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. and finally, lets go racing, the kobalt 400 at the las vegas motor speedway, the man in the
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keselowski grabs his 18th sprint cup victory. his first win of the season, he was followed by joey logano in second and jimmie johnson in third. the boys ninth region jim anciently monday night at bbt arena, new cap going ahead,. andrew: weather sounds fantastic. erik: temperature starting to climb, 62 row, 70' s on tuesday. again, chance recycle tomorrow afternoon. andrew: that'
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tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. with the college basketball wlwt-tv] >> coming up on the rock, with season now over, we' ll break the tournaments. this year, there are lots in the ncaa tournament, it is just a matter of what the seed will be. you see will have to bear all in the american in order to have a chance. that and more coming up on sports rock brought to you by mike castrucci chevrolet. george hello and welcome to the : rock i' m george vogel along with the big-d, derek forrest. we have now officially entered march madness with conference tournaments starting up this week. garrett both of the local : college coming away with wins


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